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The Basic Sleep Training Methods

Becky Scott- Sweetest Little Dreamers

Sleep training is used to help teach your baby to fall asleep independently. There are a many methods of sleep training used by parents, consultants and professionals. No method fits perfectly with everyone, so it is important to understand your options and determine which one will be best for your family.

Cry It Out (CIO)

This method is very direct. You will do your normal bedtime routine and place your baby in their crib and will not return until it’s feeding time or time to wake for the day. This method usually gets the fastest results, but can be difficult for parents to leave a crying baby. Many parents who use this method will need a video monitor to keep an eye on their little one.

Timed Checks

This method is also known as the Ferber Method. You will be able to go in and briefly check on your baby at predetermined timed intervals. The intervals will gradually become longer, until your baby falls asleep. Each night you will extend the interval. This sleep training method is more gradual than the CIO but is very effective if you are consistent.

Fade Away Method

Sometimes referred to as The Gentle Sleep method. In this sleep training method you will take a chair and place it near your child’s crib. Remain in the chair until your child falls asleep, and repeat for any nightwaking. As time progresses you gradually begin move the chair farther away from the crib and eventually out of the room. This method does takes the longer than timed checks, but if you are consistent it can also be very effective.

Pick Up Put Down Method

This is the most gradual method in sleep training. This method allows parents to pick up their child who is not soothing themselves. You will pick up your child when the crying has escalated, in order to calm him/her down, and than once babe is calm place them back in the crib awake and leave the room. The most important part of this method is ensure you're putting babe back down awake and letting him do his/her job of going to sleep on their own. This method takes the longest out of all of the methods, but with consistency it can be very successful.

What Sleep Training Method Should I Do?

Consider what method would work best for your family and also consider:

· Babies Age—Sleep training should not begin until your child is AT LEAST 4 months old

· Your baby’s personality—Is your baby flexible and easy going? Or strong-willed and sensitive? Consider your little ones temperment.

· Which One Can YOU Stick To—consistency is the most important aspect to sleep training. Choose a method you know you can stick to in order to ensure success!

Sleep training requires a lot of work, and consistency to ensure permanent change. If you are feeling a little unsure about the next steps to take, please feel free to contact us.


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