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Safe Sleep Tips for Your Babe

Becky Scott- Sweetest Little Dreamers Paediatric Sleep Consultant, BsCN

Safe Sleep Tips for Your Little One

Ensuring your child is put to bed in a safe sleep environment from the moment they are born is impairative, and reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It is important to understand what an unsafe environment looks like, in order to assess your child’s room. Although pillows, stuffies, mobiles and bumpers are pretty and appeal to the esthetics of your babies room- they are a serious threat to your child’s safety. Your child’s crib should have a firm mattress and fitted sheet when your infant is placed inside to relax or sleep.

Here are my Safe Sleep Environment Tips . .

· DO: Use a Firm Crib Mattress Covered by a Fitted Sheet

· DO: Stay Awake While Feeding Your Baby

· DO: Put Your Baby In A Crib or Their Own Separate Sleep Space (That is AAP approved)

· DO: Make sure babes room has good ventilation, and has a comfortable temperature

· DO: Make sure you aren't exposing baby to second hand smoke

Here are my Putting Baby to Sleep Safely Tips . . .

· DO: Put Your Baby On Their Back For Every Sleep

· DO: Always Dress your Baby in clothing that fits (not too loose) and in temperature appropriate clothing

· DO: Offer A Pacifier For Sleep, If Desired

As a mother, a certified sleep consultant, and a women and child nurse, I understand the importance of safe sleep and am dedicated to educating families on what this means. Follow these simple tips to help create a warm, and safe sleeping environment for you little one.


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