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About Me

I am a mom of four little ones, all of whom had their own individual sleep journeys. I am a certified paediatric sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute. I am qualified to work with children from the newborn stage through to age 5. I also am available to work with multiples, and children with special needs. In addition, I am a Registered Nurse specializing in Labour & Delivery and postpartum care. 


 Just over four years ago our first daughter was born and I was completely blindsided by the sleeplessness of motherhood. We had a nursing-to-sleep routine and she wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me. It was an absolutely amazing bond, but did not allow for any flexibility, or any sleep for me! It wasn’t until she was 9 months old that I finally made the decision to change our sleeping arrangements. I began researching about child sleep and was completely hooked. She learned how to fall asleep independently in her crib. From that moment forward, she has been an amazing sleeper.


Fast forward to the birth of our second daughter. I felt empowered by my experience with our first born and knew I wanted to aid her sleep from day 1. I could not believe how different our experience was with our two girls. We obviously have had our share of sleepless nights, and exhaustion surrounding having a little one (and a busy toddler). But we respected her need for sleep, resulting in a happy baby, and a well-rested family.

We welcomed our third and fourth since that time. Although we have our share of sleepless nights, each has taken to sleep in stride. We have been used the information provided in the Newborn Package to set them up for successful sleep as they grow and develop.


 After gaining knowledge about sleep, through helping my older two children, I began investing countless hours into understanding more about infant and child's sleep. I turned to the Family Sleep Institute to become a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. 

At Sweet Little Dreamers, our goal is to assist children’s development of healthy sleep habits. By doing this, we help families get needed rest and enjoy parenthood. We use proven techniques provided by the Family Sleep Institute and reputable experts. Understanding that each child is different is so important. That is why I believe that there is more than one ‘right’ way to accomplish your family’s sleep goals. 


All of our packages include a personalized sleep plan and on-going support for any ​sleep related questions, concerns or required assistance throughout the process. Our personalized coaching is the key component that improves the success by dealing with unique sleep issues as they arise. ​


If you are looking for assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can set up a complementary session, where we will learn more about your child’s sleep challenges and discuss how Sweet Little Dreamers can help everyone in your home sleep better. 

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